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Selection of findings and places of discovery

Selection of findings and places of discovery

Whitaker Collection

Two-faced bronze vase with female head, 4th cent. B.C., Mozia 1922

Gold pendant of spherical shape with globe flanked by uraei, 7th cent. B.C., Birgi 1919


Terracotta statuettes of women – Grave 65, incineration, 7th cent. B.C.

Necropolis of Birgi

Olpe (jug) and jewels: glass paste necklace grain, bronze rings, shell with a hole for suspension, Grave 27/b, infant burial, 5th cent. B.C.


Egypt-inspired female protome, end of the 6th cent. B.C. Central Favissa

Punic figurative terracotta, 6th-5th cent. B.C.


Decored terracotta matrix, 5th cent. B.C.

Industrial area

Clay matrix with representation of Heracles and the Hydra, 6th cent. B.C.

Residential area: Zone E

Fish serving platter with intentionally removed edge, siceliot production, middle-second half 4th cent. B.C.

Terracotta head of Silenus, early 5th cent. B.C.

Residential area: South Gate

Antefixes with gorgoneion 5th cent. B.C.

Zone K

Young man of Mozia, 5th cent. B.C.

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